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  • Capital Honors Program 

    Honors Program Mission Statement

    The Capital University Honors Program supports the university’s mission of transforming lives through higher education by recruiting, challenging and supporting highly motivated and academically strong students. Through experiences both within and outside of the classroom, Honors Students develop and demonstrate intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and the ability to contribute to the knowledge base in their discipline. Honors students complete the program prepared for professional and personal lives characterized by a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. 

    Honors Program Learning Outcomes

    • Intellectual curiosity – graduates will be able to demonstrate an appreciation for learning outside of the classroom.
    • Critical thinking – graduates will be able to evaluate problems, major issues, debates, or approaches appropriate to a discipline(s).
    • Knowledge creation – graduates will be able to synthesize complex information and meaningfully contribute to a discipline(s).  

    Honors Program Admission Requirements

    Incoming first-year students
    • At least a 28 ACT composite or a 1250 old SAT math/reading total or a 1310 new SAT math/reading total (not including the writing portions of either test).
    • Complete an application
     Current Capital students
    • Cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher as a full-time student at Capital

    Honors Program Requirements

    To graduate from the Honors Program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above or a cumulative GPA in the top 20% for their major and complete: 

    • At least four (4) Honors courses including an Honors FYS course, Sophomore, Junior and Senior level courses that meet Gen Ed learning goals and up to one (1) Honors course within the major (minimum of 3 credits).
    • An Immersive Experience (study abroad/study away, internship, short-term service-learning travel) Honors students are expected to participate in at least one of these university-sanctioned activities. Honors students will be expected to complete a learning portfolio based on their experience. See the Learning Portfolio Guidelines.
    • A Departmental Honors Project (Honors 305 and Honors 405). This is a junior or senior level capstone experience. Students complete a research or creative project on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a Capital University faculty member. Capstone projects must be approved by a thesis committee (advisor, department chair or representative and a faculty member from outside of the student’s major department(s)). Honors students are required to present their final Honors Project at the Symposium on Undergraduate Scholarship and/or a regional or national professional meeting.
    • At least 3 Honors Program co-curricular activities per year. Junior and Senior level Honors Students are expected to help plan and organize these activities.

    To remain in good standing in the honors program, students must remain on-track with all requirements as indicated below:

    • Completion of Honors FYS and 3 honors co-curricular activities within first 30 credits
    • Completion of at least 2 Honors courses and 6 honors co-curricular activities within first 60 credits
    • Completion of at least 3 Honors courses and 9 honors co-curricular activities within first 90 credits
    • Completion of at least 4 Honors courses, an immersive experience, a department Honors Project and 12 honors co-curricular activities before graduation  

    For Honor Students Enrolled Before Fall 2015

    Honors Program requirements for students admitted prior to fall 2015 are different. Please refer to these requirements instead

  • Honors Co-Curricular Participation

    One of the learning outcomes of the Honors program is for students to demonstrate an appreciation for learning outside of the classroom. Participation in co-curricular activities will allow students to explore the many ways to share and gain knowledge beyond a traditional academic setting.

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    Describe the co-curricular event you attended and what you learned as a result of attending.

    Describe how you might apply what you learned in order to achieve your future personal, academic and/or career goals.

    Evidence of participation (e.g., upload a selfie from an event or a PDF of the event program).