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    Countdown to Cap

  • Gear up for Fall with your new Capital class

    CapChat BannerBy now you’ve received countless emails, postcards and brochures that say they hold the key to your future.You may have even visited a handful of campuses. After a while, they all begin to look and feel the same – the beautiful imagery, the graduation statistics, the academic speak.

    But these places are not the same. We are not the same. And while our campus looks lovely in photos, the beauty is not in the buildings. It is in the people and the unique bond they share. Come celebrate with us for a fun-filled day where you'll meet new friends, connect with faculty and staff over a picnic, sample Capital’s extra-curricular activities, get the lay of the land, and be part of the CapFam.

    Join us at this year's Countdown to Cap on April 14, 2019!


    Lock it in

    You don't have to wait until Countdown to Cap to lock in your place for the fall incoming class of 2023! You can take the next step and deposit to Capital today.

    Pay Your Deposit

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