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    Meet the faculty

    • Jennifer Hodge, Ph.D.

      Professor of Education

      Dr. Jennifer Hodge teaches Physical Education at Capital University

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    • David Reed, Ph.D.


      Dr. David Reed is a professor of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics at Capital University

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    • Ann Peden, DSc

      Professor of Nursing

      Dr. Ann R. Peden is professor and chair of the Department of Nursing at Capital University.

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    • Dina Lentsner, Ph.D.

      Associate Professor of Music

      A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Dr. Dina Lentsner teaches in the Conservatory of Music

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    • Andrea Karkowski,  Ph.D.

      Professor of Psychology

      Dr. Andrea has expertise in learning and comparative psychology

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    • David Summers, Ph.D.

      Professor of English

      Dr. David Summers teaches classics at Capital University

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    • Gail Zugger, D.M.A.

      Associate Professor of Music

      Gail Lehto Zugger is highly regarded as a clarinetist and teacher

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    • Stephanie Gray Wilson, Ph.D.

      Professor of Psychology

      Dr. Wilson is a cognitive psychologist with a particular interest in adult language processing and the fallibility of memory

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    • Barbara B. Barresi, Ph.D.

      Instructor in Business

      Dr. Barbara Barresi teaches business ethics and leadership in both the traditional and graduate programs.

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    Let Us Introduce Ourselves

    Capital is a comprehensive, independent university grounded in the Lutheran tradition.

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  • Homecoming 2015

    October 9-11, 2015

    Join alumni and friends for a weekend of fun with your Cap Family. Whether you want to relive memories of the time your chemistry experiment went awry, show your kids where you used to live, meet up with an old teammate or check on construction progress of the new Convergent Media Center, we think you’ll have a great time at this year’s Homecoming festivities.

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    The Schumacher Gallery Photography Collection Reception

    September 18

    Open to the public and campus community.Through recent and generous gifts, The Schumacher Gallery has acquired a significant number of works in the field of photography. The exhibition features works by Isle Bing, Larry Fink, Ken Heyman, Jeannette Klute, Herman Leonard, Leon Levinstein, Louis Stettner and Gary Winograd that add to the rich diversity of the gallery's collections.

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    Fall Visit Day Events

    September - November

    Get the full Capital experience on a weekend (including lunch in our main dining room)! Our Open House events are the perfect campus visit for students at any stage of the college search. It’s also great for any major since faculty from all academic departments will be hosting information sessions.

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    Spotlight on Academics

    Honors Program

    Highly motivated, curious explorers who want to blaze their own paths find their place in our Honors Program. Learn what it means to be a true scholar in your field. Find your own answers through research topics you develop and discover independently. Connect with your intellectual peers, and with professors who will feed your passion for lifelong learning and personal growth.